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A Comprehensive Guide by Borys Ulanenko that gives you everything to pass the ADIT TP exam successfully. 
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I wrote this textbook specifically for the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) Transfer Pricing exam. It provides full coverage of the core syllabus areas and is designed to be used as an integral part of your preparation studies, to provide you with both the knowledge and confidence to pass your exam. It is a reading material for my ADIT course and is included in the course. 
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  • What's included in my Textbook?

  • Full coverage of the core syllabus areas
  • 60+ practical cases and real-world examples
  • Simple explanations of complex concepts
  • 'Check your understanding' questions
  • Essential reading recommendations and additional resources for in-depth study

Standalone Study Resource

While this textbook is a perfect companion to the ADIT Transfer Pricing Course, it is also designed to be an effective standalone resource. For those who prefer self-study or are unable to enroll in the full course, this textbook provides a comprehensive and self-sufficient guide to mastering the ADIT Transfer Pricing exam.

Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage with Practical Application

This textbook excels in blending in-depth coverage of the entire ADIT Transfer Pricing syllabus with over 60 practical cases and real-world examples. This approach not only deepens theoretical understanding but also hones the practical skills essential for both passing the ADIT exam and succeeding in the field of transfer pricing.
The Textbook

Transfer Pricing ADIT 3.03 Module Textbook

  • 361 pages
  • 60+ practical cases and examples
  • Essential reading, additional resources and "check your understanding" questions for every topic 
  • The best standalone study material on the market
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Transfer Pricing
  • Chapter 2. The Arm's Length Principle
  • Chapter 3. Introduction to Functional Analysis
  • One of the best standalone study materials on the market
  • Chapter 4. Functional Analysis in Practice
  • Chapter 5. Introduction to Transfer Pricing Methods
  • Chapter 6. Traditional Transaction Methods
  • Chapter 7. Transactional Profit Methods
  • Chapter 8. Comparability Analysis Overview
  • Chapter 9. Practical Considerations of Comparability Analysis
  • Chapter 10. Intra-Group Services
  • Chapter 11. Intangible Property
  • Chapter 12. Business Restructurings
  • Chapter 13. Intra-Group Financial Transactions
  • Chapter 14. Cost Contribution Arrangements
  • Chapter 15. Permanent Establishments
  • Chapter 16. Compliance Issues
  • Chapter 17. Avoiding Double Taxation and Dispute Resolution
  • Chapter 18. Other Issues
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Hi! This is me. 

And I've been struggling with the ADIT exam, just like you do. 

My name is Borys Ulanenko, and like many of you, I've faced the daunting challenge of the ADIT exam. With over 7 years of experience in transfer pricing at that point, I thought I was well-prepared. But in 2018, when I set out to earn my ADIT certification, I was met with unexpected hurdles: a lengthy and complex syllabus, ambiguous requirements, and the high cost of courses and materials.

It was overwhelming.

However, overcoming these challenges led me to a significant realization. After successfully obtaining my certification, I created a unique ADIT  preparation method that guarantees successful exam passing (if you are ready to put in hard work, of course!). 

This method isn't just theoretical; it's a tested pathway to passing the ADIT transfer pricing exam on your first attempt.

Let me share with you the strategies and insights that made all the difference for me – and I'm confident they'll do the same for you.

What if I don't want to take an exam, but I still want to learn about transfer pricing? 

  • Great! This textbook covers all the vital transfer pricing concepts and will help develop your transfer pricing problem-solving skills. This textbook is perfect for you if you are a tax specialist and want to add to your professional expertise, or if you want to start your career in transfer pricing.
  • In my textbook, I cover general transfer pricing principles, practical application of  transfer pricing methods, comparability analysis, transfer pricing rules of various countries, functional analysis, dispute resolution and many other topics. Boost your understanding of transfer pricing!

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